Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TURQUOISE TUESDAYS - Back from Dallas!

Friday night's reception at the Artisan Style gallery in Dallas, proved to be exciting with a larger-than-expected crowd to view our art! I finally met fellow artists, Gina Marie Dunn, Michelle Stroesu and Kate Wickham in person and was amazed at how great our art looked hanging side by side! The show runs through April 3rd, so for those of you in the Dallas area wishing to see it, be sure to stop by, or check it out online:  http://www.artisanstyle.net/  and http://www.artisanstyle.net/#/gallery/46/0

I visited Brandon & Steve, the owners of Artisan Style, at the Dallas Flea the following day & can't wait to get back up there for the next one - lot's of cool wares and vintage goodies - I spotted a really cute purple and white 1950's sundress and am kicking myself for not trying it on.....

Today's turquoise item? This very much photographed and painted truck that sits in front of the Arroyo Seco Mercantile, a favorite subject of mine:

Originally $40, offered for $28 this week!



  1. Debbie, your work in person is even more beautiful than I had anticipated. Your use of color is magnificent! I still have my eye on one of your beautiful church paintings. Such a pleasure to meet you Friday evening.

  2. Thank you Gina! I loved your work too - a wonderful use of color and pattern, the shapes are organic and welcoming :)