Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back home again after a day at Round Top. Thanks to our fast-thinking neighbors, the booth remained unscathed even after the torrential downpour Monday night and the resultant, ankle-deep flood!

More fun was had by all and foot traffic a little busier now that Marburger Farms has opened it's gates. I do find it hard to believe that people will pay $25 per person to get into Marburger the first day, when all around are great venues like the Texas Rose where you can shop for free, but plan to go check it out myself this week and see what all the excitement is about...

Today's featured dealer, is a friend and favorite of mine, LeAnn Stephenson of The Vintage Laundry. Her blogspot, is one of funniest blogs I've ever come across and a welcome diversion. I especially love her "Want it Wednesday" posts!

LeAnn is a true renaissance woman, she is a talented graphic designer and decorator and has a great eye for vintage finds! If you can't make it to Round Top to check out her vintage goods in person, be sure to catch her at the monthly City-wide Garage Sale in Austin, another great place to shop! You can also visit her Etsy shop:

Joining LeAnn this week, is her niece Morgan Avary, who follows in her Aunt's footsteps with a business of her own, "Vintage Gal Rings". Her rings are beautifully displayed and make a great gift for either you or a friend! You may contact her at:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Round Top Continued....

One of the highlights of Round Top for me, has been meeting Stan Williams, friend of LeAnn Stephenson ( and the subject of one of my next blogs) and thrifter extraordinaire. Stan has written a wonderful book titled, "the find", which is filled with beautiful homes decorated with unique flea market, vintage, and thrift shop finds, a particular interest of mine. So I now happily own a signed copy and am looking forward to a quiet moment to put my feet up and read it at my may be a while!

Stan also blogs daily on "elegant thrifter" at be sure to check it out!

Melissa manned the fort today in Round Top, and I will be taking my turn tomorrow - so stay tuned for more vintage finds & updates!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Round Top - Day 1

Just a very quick post to say it was a fun, but very long, hot, sweaty day at Round Top!

I really had to keep my blinders on to refrain from buying something great at every booth - not an easy task.

Here are a few quick photos of our booth and some of the surrounding booths - will have more tomorrow on book signings and other items of interest!